Family Law

Withnalls has experienced lawyers who can assist you in all aspects of Family Law including advising you of your rights and obligations in regard to issues relating to property and children.


    Accident & Injury

    Withnalls has experienced lawyers who are able to assist you in all areas relating to accident and injury and formulating claims for compensation.

    Withnalls are normally able to act on your behalf on a “no win no fee” basis.

    Please note that certain conditions may apply.
    Injury Claims

    Withnalls are able to assist in all types of injury claims including:

      Procedure if you have a claim

      Claims for personal injury suffered in the Northern Territory are governed by the laws of the Northern Territory. Withnalls have experienced lawyers who are familiar with these laws, and who can advise you in relation to your entitlements.
      Claims for work injuries can normally be pursued direct against your employer or their insurer and claims for injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident can be pursued against the Territory Insurance Office. You should note, however, that there are important procedures and time limits to comply with, especially if your claim is disputed, so if you are in any doubt whatsoever, you should seek legal advice immediately. Withnalls can also assist you with advice in relation to finalising your claim and/or seeking a lump sum payout.

      Claims for personal injury suffered as a result of medical negligence or arising from public liability are more complex, and you should seek immediate legal advice.

      If you have a claim, Withnalls will notify all relevant parties on your behalf, obtain medical reports in relation to your injuries, and assist in the calculation and proof of your loss of earnings and other financial losses. Withnalls will also advise you in relation to your entitlements and handle all settlements negotiations, in order to maximise your entitlement to compensation.

      How long will it take?

      What are you entitled to claim for? 
      There is no entitlement to compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity in the Northern Territory, but it is normally possible to make a claim for permanent impairment if the level of impairment is 5% or more. You can also claim loss of earnings and any other financial losses (such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, etc.) you have suffered or are likely to suffer in the future. Withnalls will discuss these entitlements with you throughout your claim.

      Wills & Estates

      Withnalls can assist you in all areas of Wills and Estate work.

        Police & Criminal Matters

        Withnalls offers a comprehensive range of criminal law services to clients where they are charged with alleged criminal offences. Our most important goal is to obtain the best result possible in your legal matter.