Procedure If You Have A Claim

If you have a claim, then we will handle all negotiations with the relevant insurer direct. We will obtain medical reports from hospitals and your treating doctor relating to your injuries and notify the other person(s) involved in the accident.

How Long Will It Take?

Claims cannot be finalised until you have either fully recovered or recovered as well as you are going to in the opinion of your doctor. This means your injuries have stablised.
That is because an assessment of your future medical expenses and permanent incapacity (if any) forms a part of your claim. If you have suffered a serious injury and need a long rehabilitation process the time to settle your claim may take longer to resolve.

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What Are You Entitled To Claim For?

Before your claim is settled, we will take into account your pain and suffering, the wages that you may have lost (from not being able to go to work), your medical expenses, compensation for loss of future earning capacity and costs. We will discuss these entitlements with you throughout your claim.